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2 easy ways to order fuel oil:  Order fuel online or download and print to fax to us.



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Service Areas:  Maryland   |    Southern Maryland   |    Virginia

Title:  fuel oil delivery, Calvert- St. Mary’s- Charles -Anne Arundel county, SJ Johnson Inc.

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Automatic: You will automatically receive delivery without having to phone in a request. You will have priority over all other accounts whether it is for burner service or fuel oil delivery. You will have the added piece of mind of knowing whatever Mother Nature brings, you will be warm and cozy. All deliveries will be billed to a credit card on file.

Will Call: You are responsible for calling in a delivery request. All deliveries will be
COD only. All personal checks must have a Maryland driver's license number on them or delivery will not be made. COD or credit card over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Same day deliveries are available if we are still in your area, if we have left your area you will be scheduled for the next day.

Equal Pay : Equal Pay starts in May. You must be signed up prior to May and the first payment must be made by May 15th. The last payment is in February of the following year. Payments are broken down into 10 low monthly payments and will be calculated based on today's oil market price multiplied by your yearly oil consumption. -  Failure to make your payments or not have a credit on your account at the time of delivery will result in the termination of your automatic delivery status and you will be returned to COD status.

Click here to download a PDF version of our fuel oil delivery customer application.

If you need Adobe Reader to open PDFs then click here.


Customers are eligible if they are:
1. Maryland residents responsible for heating costs, except:

  1. Subsidized housing residents directly responsible for paying their heating costs are only eligible for the minimum benefit for their fuel type

  2. If heat is included in the rent and the landlord signs a Landlord Agreement. stating the MEAP grant will be used to reduce the rent and the grant is sent directly to the landlord

2. At or below 150% of the federal poverty level
3. Applying during November through March
4. TCA case managers coordinate the customer’s MEAP application*
*We are a Maryland Energy Assistant Vendor.  Please note applications should be returned to MEAP in August to guarantee funds and the quickest process of your application.  We only deliver what MEAP allocates to us for you and when they authorize us to do so.  All questions and concerns in regards to your application need to be addressed with your MEAP home office.  If you elect to have SJJohnson as your supplier your last name will be your account number.  All points of contacts for MEAP are listed on our order form for your convenience. 

For further info, contact each county's specific office
Calvert 410-535-1010
St.Mary's 301-475-5574
Charles 301-274-4474
Anne Arundel 410-626-1910

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